Design Trends That Will Shape Design Space in 2017

2016 was the year of flat minimalistic web designing coupled with a well-known creative approach to responsive design. With 2017 at our service, things have to change and so will the web designs trend.

With the never-ending innovation that is subsequently infused in the digital designing realm, the next twelve months will witness a lot of amazing trends for the design guys from around the world.

We know how a website defines a designer’s approach to his/her creativity. The mannerism of placing those sidebars, deciphering the content layout, the choice of typography and animation are some of the most crucial factors. 2017 will be the year we get back to the basics because basic is fun and the entire human clan is now accustomed to it.

So, if you are one from the ones who wish to make a blog from scratch or revamp their web designs, get these new trends up your sleeves so that you have an edge to supersede. The change has already begun. So, let’s do our bit by discussing the top web design trends that will possibly rule the market this new year.

Crisp Content remains the King

If you have owned a website for quite a time now, you are probably aware of the amount of clutter it has amassed. All those ads, popups, comment boxes, and buttons that you have kept adding are now struggling to stand out in the whole space. As a matter of the fact, there is more clutter and less content; leading to disappointed visitors and content seekers.

In 2017, be more content specific and highlight the detail. Cut out the clutter and tell people about the stuff they really care for. This will not only charm the readers but also optimize your website for a better page speed and loading time. Deliver the right words in the right tone so that the target audience knows it is getting what it wants.

The Flat Design Fever might go away

The minimal design remained the talk of the town all through the past year and we love to agree that it provided a tasteful and clean deviation from the existing universal design pattern of classy monochrome. Also, the minimal approach has sucked out the soul out of design.

To end this year of everything-looks-the-same, the designer community will definitely need to do away with this trend. How this change will take shape, is something that the time will tell. Either we go full-minimal or we resort to the traditional design system. This trend will catch fire and that is a fat from the Lords of the design.

Animations, Infographics and GIFs

Visually appealing content sells and if we go by our human digital inferences, we are still a kid at the core. The idea is to keep it cool in 2017 as well. With aid of the visual tools from the market, this trend will rule the year 2017 much like and even more than the year gone by. A lot of the Internet is using GIFs because they are greatly engaging, to-the-point, and prominent. Much like everything else, using them in the web design will give a richer feel to the content and get the task done in a fun way.

The Scroll Game

Ah! How our mornings begin with ‘THE SCROLL’ and end on it, too. We have now grown fond of endlessly scrolling; thanks to the social networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We want to go on scrolling and this makes us feel good because we know all this bottomless scrolling will bring to us exciting posts, amazing pictures and designing layouts for optimum experience and inspiration, in the case of others. So, 2017 will find more and more long scroll websites to help target users feel right at home; scrolling.

The Bold Typography with Brighter Colors

The bigger, the better. The brighter, the better.

This year will have this motto in regard to Typography. We already had a taste of the bold design in the past year and now it’s here to rule; all intensified. Much like the impact, they leave on the onlooker, they also tend to expressively garner trust and hence audience conversion gets easy. This is a reason enough that why this will be a trend this year.

More dynamic and eye-catching colors will be here to stay because they are interesting and they have the charm similar to that of a fairytale. Web designers with a personality will incorporate this practice to yield productive web designs this year so that they can appeal to their clients and users at the same time.

Originality and no stock-ing

Stock photos were popular and easy but they lack taste and originality. 2017 will kill this and instead want brands to rely upon originality and maybe, hand-drawn graphics. That sounds tough but yes, it is happening. With the easy availability of free and cheap stock images, most of the sites appear quite similar and brands are lacking the originality they must have. To punch this easy copy culture in the face, authenticity will make way through creative original images and graphics, font designs, buttons and other related design elements.

Now you know, sharing isn’t caring.

More Responsive Design

Very similar to 2016, responsive design will trend this 2017 as well. In order to comply with the Google rank algorithm, websites will HAVE to do this and optimize content for mobile viewing, in an even better manner. Also, the audience wants faster loading pages that can be easily viewed in their mobile browsers, in complete glory.

A large number of brands are going completely mobile to scale this factor of user experience and do the different thing in order to impress their audience. To help yourself, you can add this one biggie to your tool directory to ensure that you give out mobile responsive designs in the new year.

Cards and Cards and Grids

Multiple visually enticing cards, beautifully arranged in a grid. Sound familiar?

Yes. A part of Goggle’s Material Design, these guys entered the market recently and have totally owned the graphic-front. Often seen on an eCommerce website, these button sort of cards tempt the user into clicking them and going through the content about that particular product or service. They make swiping easy and build better consumer experiences, owning the web design market in the process. As per the predictions,2017 will see more and more card-styled websites coming up from all niches of web development.

Summing Up

The web design market is a creatively dynamic one that demands a lot of smart work and hard talent. We have seen that a lot of trends for 2017 have come as a sequel to their earlier avatar from the past year, 2016. However, some of them are new and surprising but will be here to stay. You might not want to incorporate each of these into your project because like they say, the same size doesn’t fit all.

One thing is for sure – we have many great website designs with amazing layouts and animations in store, that will continue to inspire the designers worldwide, this 2017.

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